Parousia Media brings ministries together to inform, inspire, and invigorate Australian Catholics. Thanks to Maria Daniele, our parishioner, you can now enjoy incredible resources for Evangelisation and Faith Formation directly from Holy Innocents church from the Book & CD stand at the back of the church. The CDs are recorded in high quality audio and are well suited for listening in the car as you travel to and from work. After you’ve listened to the talk, pass it on your family members, colleagues and friends. Both the CD’s and the booklets can be purchased for $5 each. Please place the money on the 2nd collection plate or through the Donation Point Tap Devices. For the full list of DVDs, CDs, books, ebooks and MP3s visit the Parousia store at If you would like a resource that is not on the stand, please feel free to contact Maria on 0414560951 and she will gladly source it out for you if at all possible.