Inform is a publication of the Catholic Adult Education Centre, designed to provide wide access to current thinking on Catholic issues. Sadly, the Centre and its publication no longer exists, however, the perenial wisdom of their publications continues to provide answers to those who seek.

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Inform 162 The Canonisation of Mother Teresa of Calcutta.pdf

Inform 161 The name of God is Mercy.pdf

Inform 160 The Holy Shroud, Witness to Mercy.pdf

Inform 159 Patterns of Evidence, Exodus, you never know where a crisis of faith will lead you.pdf

Inform 158 The Five Love Languages.pdf

Inform 157 A guide to reading 'Laudato Si' On care for our common home, An Encyclical letter on Ecology and Climate.pdf

Inform 156 Embracing the Year of Mercy.pdf

Inform 155 Love your neighbour as yourself.pdf

Inform 154 How to forgive yourself and others.pdf

Inform 153 The meaning of Christmas.pdf

Inform 152 The Synod, The Family and the Future.pdf

Inform 151 Archpriest John Joseph Therry, Founder of the Catholic Church in Australia.pdf

Inform 150b The Freedom to believe act and live - Religious Freedom, Special Edition Pentecost 2014.pdf

Inform 150 Pope Francis' First Apostolic Exhortation 'Evangelii Gaudiu' The Joy of the Gospel.pdf

Inform 149 Discerning our Spiritual Gifts.pdf

Inform 148 The Mission of the Laity.pdf

Inform 147 Theology of the Body.pdf

Inform 146 Lectio Divina - Transforming from within.pdf

Inform 145 The Light of Faith - First Encyclical Letter Lumen Fidei.pdf

Inform 144 Pope Francis Our New Shepherd.pdf

Inform 143 Understanding the Church, Part 2 - her distinguishing marks and glorious destiny.pdf

Inform 142 Understanding the Church, Part 1 - her foundation and constitution.pdf

Inform 141 Vatican 50 Years on.pdf

Inform 140 November month of the Holy Souls.pdf

Inform 139 Our Lady in the Scriptures.pdf

Inform 138 What is Love.pdf

Inform 137 The New Atheism.pdf

Inform 136 Amazing year of Grace.pdf

Inform 135 Manhood & Masculinity in Scripture and Tradition.pdf

Inform 134 The New Evangelisation.pdf

Inform 133 The Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church.pdf

Inform 132 The New Mass Translation.pdf

Inform 131 Pope John Paul II - His Life and Legacy.pdf

Inform 130 Euthanasia Why Not.pdf

Inform 129 She is a Saint - Australia's first canonised Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop.pdf

Inform 128 Anointing of the Sick.pdf

Inform 127 God and Science.pdf

Inform 126 Mary MacKillop Saint in the Making.pdf

Inform 124 Understanding Globalization.pdf

Inform 123 Difficult questions on Homosexuality and Gay 'Marriage'.pdf

Inform 122 Encyclical Caritas in Veritate.pdf

Inform 121 Australia's Mary MacKillop.pdf

Inform 120 The Priesthood.pdf

Inform 119 A Woman's Choice.pdf

Inform 118 The Message of St Paul.pdf

Inform 117 God and the Young Child - Religious Education.pdf

Inform 116 The Deadly Sins.pdf

Inform 115 Days to Remember World Youth Day 2008.pdf

Inform 114 The Pope - Who is he.pdf

Inform 113 World Youth Day Sydney 2008.pdf

Inform 112 Christian Hope - Summary and highlights of the encyclical Spe Salvi.pdf

Inform 111 Advent Year A - Preparing for Christmas.pdf

Inform 109 The Feminine Genius.pdf

Inform 108 The Eucharist - Sacrament of Love.pdf

Inform 107 One Day at a Time - The Church Year.pdf

Inform 106 Christian Sexuality.pdf

Inform 105 The Liturgy of the Word.pdf

Inform 104 The Importance of Prayer.pdf

Inform 103 Suffering - Does it have meaning.pdf

Inform 102 Debunking The Da Vinci Code.pdf

Inform 101 What is the Bible.pdf

Inform 100 Getting More from the Mass.pdf

Inform 099 The 'Brave New World' of Cloning.pdf

Inform 098 Communion with Jesus.pdf

Inform 097 Christians and Islam.pdf

Inform 096 Embraced by the Father - The Sacrament of Reconciliation.pdf

Inform 095 The Early Church.pdf

Inform 094 Born Again - The Meaning of Baptism.pdf

Inform 092 When does Human Life Begin.pdf

Inform 091 Strengthened by the Spirit - The Sacrament of Confirmation.pdf

Inform 090 Father - Hungry.pdf

Inform 089b Know yourself, How to prepare for & live Marriage well.pdf

Inform 089 The Beauty of Christian Marriage.pdf

Inform 087 The Wisdom of Mother Teresa.pdf

Inform 084 J Just War.pdf

Inform 083 Strong Women, Biblical Models for Today's World.pdf

Inform 082 The Population Question.pdf

Inform 081 The Stem Cell Debate.pdf

Inform 080 We do what Jesus did, The presence of Jesus in the Eucharistic Community.pdf

Inform 077 Order of Christian Funerals.pdf

Inform 073 Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.pdf

Inform 069 Responding to Holy Mystery.pdf

Inform 067 A time of Promise - Spirituality & Aging.pdf

Inform 018 The Bible - A Guide through the Library.pdf