For detailed history of the Parish between 1924 - 1974 please see:
'Another outpost in God's kingdom' The Parish of the Holy Innocents, Croydon, 1924 - 1974, Gregory Haines

For detailed history of 'Municipality of Burwood' between 1794 - 1974 please see:
Harvest of the Years 1, The Story of Burwood 1794-1974, Eric Dunlop
Harvest of the Years 2, The Story of Burwood 1794-1974, Eric Dunlop

1924 Fr. Michael Tansey appointed Parish Priest (d. 14 April 1939)

April 1924 – First issue of "The Croydon Record" paper – "A monthly collections, balanced sheets, events of local interest, and 'letters of a priest to his people'".

13th July 1924 – 3pm The foundation stone of the new church laid

16th November 1924 – Church declared open – also serving as a school

November 1924 – Sacred Heart Confraternity and Society of Children of Mary formed

End of 1926 Sisters of Charity conclude their teaching at Holy Innocents' School.

24th January 1927 The Presentation Sisters begin their teaching at Holy Innocents' School.

2nd October 1927 – Blessing and opening of Presbytery and Convent

May 1939 Fr. Thomas Vaughan appointed administrator (d. 2 June 1941)

September 1941 Fr. William J Stevens appointed Parish Priest (d. 10 May 1954)

6th June 1948 – Foundation stone of Holy Innocents' School laid

1950 Fr James Page appointed administrator (d. 25 February 1993)

1955 Fr Joseph Francis Giles acting as Parish Priest (d. 26 June 1956)

1956 Fr John Joseph Deely (photo - older priest) appointed Parish Priest (d. 7 October 1964)

1st September 1957 – Opening of renovated church of Holy Innocents

1961 Fr John Masters (photo - younger priest) appointed Parish Priest (d. 23 January 1965)

1965 Fr Geoffrey Robinson appointed Parish Priest

1969 Fr Milton Lonard appointed Parish Priest (d. 18 February 1987)

1973 Fr Peter Farrelly appointed Parish Priest (d. 10 November 1978) [Catholic Weekly Nov. 26, 1978]

18th August 1974 – Foundation stone laid for the new Infants School.

20th April 1975 – Blessing and opening of new Infants School

1979 Fr. Hugh Leonard appointed Parish Priest (d. 5 November 2005)

18th August 1997 Fr. Michael Steve Hogan appointed Parish Priest (d. 29 August 2008)

9th August 1999 Fr. Chris Slattery appointed Administrator

9th August 2000 Fr. Chris Slattery appointed Parish Priest

9th July 2011 Fr. Peter Krigovsky appointed Administrator

31st March 2015 Fr. Peter Krigovsky appointed Parish Priest