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IT'S OK TO SAY NO:  You can vote NO in the postal plebiscite and still love your same-sex attracted relatives and friends.  Voting no does not make you a bigot.  Serious consequences will follow any redefinition of marriage in Australia.  Just this week NO campaigners have been physically and verbally assaulted and have lost their jobs. Vote NO to protect our freedoms.  To volunteer, donate or for more info visit:

FESTA OF PADRE PIO 24th September, 10.00am Mass. Please note that the Mass will be celebrated partly in English and partly in Italian. Please join us for the procession and refreshments after the Mass.

HIC TRIVIA NIGHT Come along with your friends & family for a night of fun at the HIC Hall on Saturday 21st October 2017, 7pm. More info on Notice board.

THE SACRAMENT OF CONFIRMATION will be administered in the Parish this year on October 15th at 11.30 am. Children in Year 6 and above who have been baptised and have received the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion are eligible to enrol in the program. Online Registrations are now open. Please go to to access the online form. For further information , please contact Suzanne Miceli on 0409244951 or at sacraments.hic

WANTED! Do you have any copies of the Catholic School text ,"To Know Worship and Love" that your children no longer need? These can be used by our catechists for the Scripture programs in the State schools. Donations are accepted for all levels K-10. Please leave in the box provided at the back of the Church or contact Suzanne Miceli for further information.

UNDERSTANDING THE ENTIRE BIBLE a 24 part study featuring Jeff Cavins, is currently in progress since Monday 29th May 2017 for 3x8 week semesters, between 6.45pm-8.30pm in the HIC hall. For more information please contact Belinda Hume, 0418 864 290; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FATIMA CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION Please join us in praying the Rosary on the steps of Holy Innocents' church at 2.30pm on Saturday 14th October 2017, asking Our Lady of Fatima to obtain God's Merciful Blessings upon the World, Peace in our Hearts, Homes and Nation. Please bring one Flower if you can.

NEW MARRIAGE RESOURCE WEBSITE offers articles, lectures, videos and many more sources of information on the Catholic teaching on marriage, helping you to answer any question in the current climate of opposition to traditional marriage.

24 Sep 2017—Padre Pio Festa 10.00am Mass
15 Oct 2017—Confirmation 11.30am Mass

CHURCH CLEANERS Please vacuum and clean cobwebs also in confessionals, gallery and at the entrance to the church. Thank you for your dedicated service. May God Bless you hundredfold.

BEQUESTS Some of us may find it difficult to help financially now but organise their estate so that they leave a bequest. A bequest for Holy Innocents Parish can make a huge difference to our finances. If you would like to make a bequest, there are many ways to do so. For example: a gift of a specific amount of your choice; a gift of particular belongings such as jewellery; property that you own; a percentage of part of your estate; a gift of that part of your estate that remains after you have provided for any of your loved ones; a gift of your whole estate. Bequests are Lasting Gifts as funds can be invested and the returns used for the good works of the Parish. In some cases where bequests are in the form of property, the property can be rented and the interest applied to parish projects. For your final wish to be honored, you must have a valid will.