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ADDITIONAL NOTICES SHEET accompanies this bulletin. If you are interested in diocesan events, please collect a copy from the back of the church.

RECYCLING HOUSEHOLD BATTERIES and small fluoro globes—conveniently drop them off at our recycling bucket at the back of the church. Our volunteers will take them in bulk to a Recycling Centre. "The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and keep it." (Genesis 2:15 )

LENTEN PROGRAMME 2018 – ASH WEDNESDAY 14 FEBRUARY The Diocese of Wollongong is continuing its tradition of the popular Lenten Program booklet, with this year's theme being SURRENDER.  'Surrender' is a full-colour book of Sunday Gospel reflections, and for the first time, now also includes short daily reflections from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday.  Cost $7
'Surrender' is also perfect for individuals who are not able to attend a Lenten group
As an optional extra, the program is accompanied by a triple-CD that includes six beautiful responsorial psalms and Gospel audio narrations, recorded especially for the Lenten program; $6
Please contact Helen Easey on 9798 4662 (leave a message with your ph No.) if you would like a copy of the program. If you'd like to be a member of a small group or consider hosting a small group to meet once a week, please let Helen know and she'll endeavour to co-ordinate those who are interested

MONEY COLLECTORS please make sure that the 1st collection is placed in white bag and he 2nd collection in green bag. Each collection goes into a separate account and is collected for different purpose. Thank you.

BREAK THROUGH IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP We all struggle at times in our marriage but it's not always easy to find good advice or practical help. SmartLoving BreakThrough is an online course FREE till St. Valentine's Day. It will help you understand how conflict happens, guide you to develop an effective strategy for managing it, and lead you through a process of personal rejuvenation designed to heal the pain caused by conflict with your loved one. The course is designed for individual spouses so you don't need your spouse to do the course with you.

DEVOTIONS TO HONOUR OUR LADY OF LOURDES Mass and Blessing of the Sick will be held at Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto, Earlwood, on Sunday the 11 February 2018 (behind Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Earlwood), entrance via St. James Avenue, Earlwood, commencing with recitation of the Rosary at 2:30 p.m. followed by Mass and the Blessing of the Sick at 3:00 p.m.  The Principal celebrant will be Bishop Anthony Randazzo. Some parking for disabled people is available in the school grounds and general parking in the nearby council car park.

RESTORATION OF OUR CHURCH SIGN is in progress at the moment. You may notice the sign's absence for few days. The structural part of the sign is intact, only the letters made of laser cut PVC need replacing. The lifetime of such letters is only 6-10 years—well overdue by now.

SIMPLE VALIDATION OF MARRIAGE A validation is the canonical rectification of an invalid marriage or irregular marital union. It is usually brought about by the parties who now rectify the earlier union by exchanging consent before a priest and two witnesses. Canons 1156-1160 regulate this sort of validation.
This is the rule that LATAM Airlines cabin crew members Paula Podest and Carlos Ciuffardi followed on Thursday morning. As they were flying with Pope Francis and his entourage between Chilean cities Santiago and Iquique, they asked the pope to bless their marriage, which had happened in a civil ceremony but not in a church. He had another plan. "Do you want me to marry you?," he asked. The couple happily obliged.
The pope married the couple, both still in their uniforms and name badges, at the front of the plane. The president of the airline, also on board, was witness to the union, while a bishop on board drafted and signed the marriage document—convenient! The pope also gave the couple an impromptu wedding gift: a white rosary for the bride and a black one for the groom.
"It was a great surprise and great joy," Greg Burke, the Vatican spokesman, told The Guardian. "Everything is valid. Everything is official.

SURGE YOUTH Next Friday is Australia Day, so surge youth won't be on. Happy Australia Day and enjoy yourself! Surge youth will be back the following week and every Friday after. Hope you have a good last week and a bit of holidays.

8, 10, 11 Mar 2018—Parish visitation by bishop Brady
3 Jun 2018—1st Holy Communion, 11.30am Mass
10 June 2018—10.00am Festa of Our Lady of Miracles