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INDIGENOUS BIBLE APPEAL Dear Fr. Peter, Please accept my sincere thanks for your personal support and your parish Community at Holy Innocents, for the very generous contribution made towards the "Remote Indigenous Ministry Support" Campaign last weekend, 3rd & 4th June. Through their love for the Indigenous communities, the amount of $1195.00 was raised. The unity of effort in contributing this significant amount is very much appreciated. This money has been processed and an official receipt will be issued direct to all those who provided the necessary details. The Bible Society also thanks you and your Parish Community for this precious gift, which will now enable the distribution of much needed Indigenous Scripture material/Help with translation and Audio Recordings of the Bible, through the "RIMS" Project. The Indigenous communities who will receive these Scripture Resources will certainly be very grateful for this loving contribution from your Parish. Your generous participation and support has contributed towards achieving our Projected Targeted goal of $ 3.1 million. We do really value your prayers and support for our work. Sincerely in Christ's service, Richard Allcock

PLANNED GIVING ENVELOPES 2017/18 (all numbers) are now available from the back of the church. Your number may have changed from last year. Please check the printed name on the box. If you are new to the parish or would like to join our Planned Giving Program please fill in the form at the back of the church. You will be able to claim 25% tax deduction from your contribution in 2017/18. Thank you for you ongoing support.

SURGE YOUTH (High Schoolers) Remember we are on every Friday night and are now located in the Hall. Next week will be night two of our new VITAL series, called LIFE IN THE VINE, it doesn't matter if you missed the first night, each night of the series stands alone. There will be free dinner and dessert, see you at 6:30pm, RSVP to Eliza on 0432 333 549 or via Instagram @hic.ym or
FIRE & HOPE Formation on Evangelisation for Young Adults (18-25) to become forces of mission in the world today. Third Sunday of the Month  St Anne's, Strathfield South.  4pm Mass followed by Praise, Formation and Dinner.  God Bless, Eliza

UNDERSTANDING THE ENTIRE BIBLE a 24 part study featuring Jeff Cavins, is in progress since Monday 29th May 2017 for 3x8 week semesters, between 6.45pm-8.30pm in the HIC hall. For more information please contact Belinda Hume, 0418 864 290; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FR PETER ON LEAVE From Monday 12th June until 9th August (last year's and next year's combined). Fr. Peter will travel to Portugal, Spain, France and Slovakia visiting Fatima, Santiago de Compostela, Lourdes, La Sallette and other more or less famous shrines and historical places, before spending some time with his parents. Please keep him in your prayers as he will remember our parish community in his.

11 Jun 2017—Our Lady of Miracles 10.00am Mass
24 Sep 2017—Padre Pio Festa 10.00am Mass

HISTORY OF HOLY INNOCENTS PARISH Can you help? We are missing pictures of few priests who served in our parish (listed below). Perhaps you can find some of them in your photo albums. Thank you.
Fr Andrew Joseph Hickey;November 1932 - January 1934
Fr John Cletus Moverly; January 1934 - July 1937
Fr Vernon Michael Kelly; July 1937 - January 1939
Fr John Purcell; January 1939 - November 1941
Fr Patrick Christopher Kerwick; November 1941 - March 1943
Fr Aloysius Brugmans S.M.; March 1943 - April 1943
Fr John Kerrigan; October 1943 - January 1946
Fr Henry William Slattery; January 1946 - October 1947
Fr Sidney Claude Moseley; 1956
Fr Milton Lonard; 1969

BEQUESTS Some of us may find it difficult to help financially now but organise their estate so that they leave a bequest. A bequest for Holy Innocents Parish can make a huge difference to our finances. If you would like to make a bequest, there are many ways to do so. For example: a gift of a specific amount of your choice; a gift of particular belongings such as jewellery; property that you own; a percentage of part of your estate; a gift of that part of your estate that remains after you have provided for any of your loved ones; a gift of your whole estate. Bequests are Lasting Gifts as funds can be invested and the returns used for the good works of the Parish. In some cases where bequests are in the form of property, the property can be rented and the interest applied to parish projects. For your final wish to be honoured, you must have a valid will.

TAX DEDUCTIBILITY FOR PARISH PLANNED GIVING As it was announced in December 2016 with change of legislation, the parish/school levies could no longer be remitted to parishes, which resulted in tax deductibility no longer being available through School Building Fund. A working party had been established to review the implications of the changes and to explore other avenues of tax deductibility for parish planned giving programs. Currently the Archdiocese provides additional support of $2.5 million over and above the amounts collected through the various appeals and quotas for the following: St. Mary's Cathedral Conservation; Priest's Retirement Foundation, Charitable Works Fund. Utilising the Charitable Works Fund Trust (CWFT) parishes from 1 July 2017 will be able to offer their parishioners tax deductibility for 25% of their planned giving receipts. This figure will be reviewed each year in March and may be adjusted accordingly.

IMPLICATION OF TAX DEDUCTIBILITY In our parish we still have a running system of envelope numbers below and above 100 (below and above 1100 for CC donations). Those parishioners with envelope number below 100 (below 1100 for CC) will receive 25% tax deductible receipt. Please check your envelope number and inform us if you wish to change, otherwise you will be issued envelope number in the same group as in 2015/16 financial year.

READING GLASSES UPDATE Thanks to everyone for spreading the word about the second life for Unwanted Reading Glasses and also for collecting them from other people to add to our collection. So far this year we have sent 69 pairs away to be checked / repaired before they are sent off the assist people in the Third World Mission Countries. Great Work everyone.

CHURCH CLEANERS Please vacuum and clean cobwebs also in confessionals, gallery and at the entrance to the church. Thank you for your dedicated service. May God Bless you hundredfold.

NEW MARRIAGE RESOURCE WEBSITE offers articles, lectures, videos and many more sources of information on the Catholic teaching on marriage, helping you to answer any question in the current climate of opposition to traditional marriage.

URGENT PLEA Our Parish is in urgent need of more catechists and catechist helpers for Croydon Public School. Training is available by the Archdiocese to take on the teaching roll. The easiest way, however, is to start as a helper. A helper is a second person in the classroom to assist the teacher with discipline and to help children complete their work. If you can dedicate half an hour on Thursday, please consider this worthy ministry, even for as short a period as one school term. Various time slots are available. Please contact Suzanne Miceli for further information (0409244951 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

NEW RESOURCE FOR CATHOLIC WOMEN AND PARISHES. The Genius Project is an amazing new four-part DVD resource for Catholic women. Based upon Pope John Paul II's teaching on the vocation and dignity of women. Use it at home or form a small group in your parish. Find out more at

SARA'S PLACE offers care, support and love to women needing support in pregnancy or those who may be grieving after an abortion.  Services are free, compassionate and non-judgmental, and no Medicare is required.  Call or drop into the centre anytime Monday to Friday, from 9.30 am to 4.15 pm.  Sara's Place is located at 135 Devonshire St, Surry Hills (5 minute walk from Central Station).  Telephone 9699 8190, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit

ACHIEVING PREGNANCY NATURALLY The Billings Ovulation Method® can assist you in having the baby of your dreams. If you have been trying to have a baby without success, our teachers can provide essential information, which will give you the best chance to achieve your pregnancy naturally
For a free information leaflet, please call Billings LIFE on 1800 335 860

BEGINNING EXPERIENCE renewing the light of hope peer support for those who have suffered a loss through death, divorce or separation. Are you grieving the loss of a spouse through separation, divorce or death? Are you having trouble accepting that you no longer have a partner? Do you experience hurt, guilt, loneliness and despair over broken dreams? ls there some unresolved anger you need to deal with? For more information about our weekends Phone Lee 9449 5317 Or Kevin 49 1 0626

THE MANHOOD FORUM A new online community is available for Catholic men at
A dynamic online community for single men, husbands, fathers and religious The Manhood Forum is an exciting new initiative for any man that wants to deepen in faith, love of the Church and their vocation as men. If you want to grow as a man and connect with other committed Catholic men please visit